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Presentation of the Beni Ouarain rug

Presentation of the Beni Ouarain rug

The history of the Beni Ouarain carpet

THE Beni Ouarain rug is made from sheep's wool. He is THE wool berber rug par excellence. Indeed, the name Beni Ouarain is the name of the last Berber village in Morocco, located in the region of Tafilalet . It is a traditional and handcrafted rug with a knot structure. It is sometimes very colorful, all white with some color patterns with or without hollowed patterns. This moroccan rug is increasingly appreciated for its refined style and comfort. It is an interior decoration object that is both modern and traditional. This classic has crossed the ages, what is its history?

A Beni Ouarain rug on a wooden floor

Who are the Beni Ouarain?

THE Beni Ouarain bring together more than 17 Berber tribes . They live in the mountains of Middle Atlas and rif Moroccan. Their origin in Morocco dates back to the 9th century. These tribes settled in this region for its isolation from other regions ( they were driven out of their native region ) and for the richness of the land. Especially for raising sheep, sources of wool essential and qualitative to produce the carpets . The Berber populations of this region had little contact with the outside world. Entrenched in the mountains, they remained isolated for a long time and anchored in their traditions. This is why these Berber carpets have remained unchanged and have retained their originality. This explains their archaic appearance with a decoration based on simple geometric figures.

Close-up of a Beni Ouarain rug

Why do the Beni Ouarain make rugs?

Winter is quite difficult in this region of Morocco. We find the lowest temperatures on the continent in the Moroccan Middle Atlas. To protect themselves from the polar cold coming from the ground, the Beni Ouarain, who lived in authentic Berber tents, had no other solution than to weave thick wool rug to insulate and warm their tents.

They therefore produced these carpets to protect their habitat. But, for their comfort, they have added traditional colors and patterns to their rugs. These were painted with natural pigments and vegetable dyes. These colorful berber rugs are characterized by their old and authentic appearance. Their appearance is caused by the dyes used, such as indigo dye, which is indelible on the carpet covering.

How are Beni Ouarain rugs made?

A moroccan berber rug well maintained will remain intact for several decades. Today they are considered works of art. They are therefore part of private collections and museums.

THE Beni Ouarain rug is it a modern rug? No. Antique or traditional rugs should not be confused with contemporary rugs. Indeed, the latter are made in factories, with weaving machines and the patterns are made by computer. Contemporary rugs can be wool, cotton or silk. Besides cleaning a wool rug is an essential stage of production.

The choice of wool

THE Beni Ouarain rug are wool carpet . Wool is a natural and authentic material. They are often very resistant and must be maintained regularly. sheep's wool can be treated against parasites sometimes their hair gets tangled in barbed wire and the wool is stained. Shearing the wool is done by hand with traditional tools. THE wool washing is usually done by hand and dyed using natural pigments or spices. A job that requires a lot of time and patience.

Beni Ouarain carpet weavers

This is the specialty of berber women for whom the weaving trade is a pride of the tribe. A profession that remains very present today in the Berber villages . In the relatively recent past, upon marriage, Berber women in rural areas each bring their own loom to their new home. This attribute was his property and his pride, the loom being particularly important. Its importance is to be compared to the sources of income that the manufacture of carpets can provide to a household.

In rural Morocco, it is sometimes the only source of income along with pastoralism. This gives the Berber woman dignity and ensures her a central place in the life of the family. It is this empowerment that we defend at Atlas wool rugs.

The Beni Ouarain rug goes through the ages

In the United States as in Australia or Europe, designers do not hesitate to offer their customers these Moroccan rugs in high-end interior decorations. These rugs have a special aura, drawing their notoriety from their somewhat archaic but terribly designer decoration, and their soft appearance. Designers around the world incorporate them into their interior decorations for clients residing in New York, Paris, Sydney or Munich.

In recent years, the Berber carpet has become an icon of chic decor in magazines in Europe and the United States, we are talking here about the authentic rug which is woven in an artisanal way, which offers incomparable softness and warmth. As a result, the market has been flooded with poor quality industrially produced copies, something that has damaged the image of Berber heritage and kills this ancestral weaving art. Our goal is to popularize, make accessible the berber moroccan rug original at a fair price for everyone. We want to share this art and show the beauty of craftsmanship. In addition, we collaborate directly with weaving cooperatives for fair trade in Beni Ouarain rugs.

Need a custom Berber rug ? Contact us now for the process.

Close up of Beni Ouarain carpet fringe

Decorative advice for the Beni Ouarain rug

This mat fits very well for your interior decoration . It will delight your guests and bring a touch of color and comfort to your floor. Its innovative design, their quality and their resistance over time leave professionals and individuals both delighted and won over. Today the decorators And interior designers tear it off. It became the centerpiece in the carpet world and the addition of colors contributes to its timelessness, even with its history which is counted in centuries.


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