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Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm
Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm

Colorful Azilal rug 217x143 cm

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The Azilal rug is a remarkable piece of art and craftsmanship. Here is some additional information and details about this type of rug:

1. Origin:

  • The Azilal rug comes from the Azilal region of Morocco. It is traditionally hand-woven by the Berber tribes of the region, and it is renowned for its geometric patterns and unique character.

2. Materials:

  • These rugs are made using a variety of natural materials, including sheep's wool, recycled textiles, and sometimes cotton threads. This combination of materials creates a distinct texture and appearance.

3. Size:

  • The mentioned size of the rug is 217 x 143 cm / 7 x 5 feet, making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to any room.

4. Geometric Patterns:

  • Azilal rugs are characterized by their complex and varied geometric patterns. Each rug tells a unique story through these designs, making them unique works of art.

5. Handwoven:

  • As with Beni Ouarain rugs, each Azilal rug is meticulously hand-woven, reflecting the skills of Berber artisans. This gives each rug its unique character.

Composition and maintenance:

  • Azilal rugs are made from natural materials, including sheep's wool. For maintenance, it is recommended to treat stains with natural stain removers and use gentle cleaning methods to preserve the quality and color of the carpets. Avoid harsh detergents and machine washing. Air drying is best to maintain the quality of the carpet.

In summary, the Azilal rug is a product of Moroccan heritage, appreciated for its distinctive geometric patterns, its varied composition of natural materials, its artisanal quality and its uniqueness. It is a valuable addition to interior design, bringing a touch of authenticity and beauty to any space.

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