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Why choose a colored Berber rug?

Why choose a colored Berber rug?

Colorful Berber carpet: trend 2023

A colorful berber carpet gives your interior and decoration a touch of color and personality. For a refined and personal effect, you can choose to combine several colorful rugs in harmony with the atmosphere of your home. They are welcome in all rooms of your home, and even more so in the living room. Give free rein to your creativity to decorate your floor with colorful berber rugs and unique Moroccans.

Benefits :

  • It is a very good choice to beautify your living room and enhance the atmosphere of your home.

  • It is available in several models and sizes.

  • It is very resistant to life events and lasts over time.

  • It can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner in delicate mode or with natural products.

  • It is a beautiful piece of decoration.

There are several colors, several sizes and above all many models of Berber rugs . But do not hesitate to prefer their multicolored aspect to put them in the spotlight inside your home, in your living room for example.

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How is a colored Berber rug made?

If you like them colorful Moroccan rugs , you probably know they are beautiful. The different colors they contain are often unique and create a beautiful effect. But how to improve them and make them even more beautiful? Here are the different steps to bring color to a Berber carpet.

1 - Raising and shearing sheep

sheep breeding to have a colorful Berber carpet

Sheep can be raised for their wool or for their meat. In the case of carpets, the animals are raised for their wool. This means that they are raised for several months with the aim of making a Berber carpet . There is no other purpose and they are mowed only once a year. This step is very important because it is the first step in making the carpet.

They are usually bred in several regions of Morocco, in the mountains. THE Middle Atlas Moroccan or the Rif mountains for example. These regions and the way the sheep are raised by the shepherds bring the best possible quality.

2 - Washing the wool

Once the sheep have been shorn, wool is washed and then wrung out. The washing must be accompanied by a treatment in order to know if it is of good quality. You should know that it contains several natural dyes as well as chemical agents that can contaminate the fabric. The more it is washed, the more the carpet quality will be good. Clean a wool rug is an essential step during manufacturing. The whole washing process is often done by hand.

3 - The spinning of wool

After the hand wash, the wool is dried and spun. You should know that once it is spun, it weighs much more than when it was on the sheep. This is why it is necessary to respect the wool quality . It must be spun with traditional machines. Wool spun with modern methods is less resistant than that spun by hand and therefore less qualitative. This is an essential step for the quality of the product. This step makes it possible to shorten the fibers and thus facilitate the weaving. You should know that each wool has a different length and that they need a sharpening adapted to each type of wool.

4 - The color of the wool

Yarn to make a colorful Berber rug

Once it is washed and wrung out, it is dyed. This dye is made in a natural way with techniques ancestral And traditional . It is dyed to create patterns on the colorful Berber rugs . That's why they have bright colors and different color patterns. In general, they are dyed with natural plants or spices. One can find various colors like red, green, yellow, black and many more.

But it's not always the case. It all depends on the wool used. If it is oily, it can be dyed and given a different color. But if it is dry, it must be washed before dyeing it.

5 - Carpet weaving

Then the wool is braided. Weaving gives Berber rugs their shape and patterns. There are several kinds of weaving Beni Ouarain carpet . The best known is the braiding in 3 threads. This technique is very old. It is used in all regions of the Morocco . It allows you to weave the Berber carpet in different ways and in different sizes depending on the number of threads. Moreover, it is, in the majority of cases, women carpet weavers who have the know-how. It has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Machine to weave a colorful Berber carpet

The colorful Berber carpet a mix between modernity and tradition

THE colorful berber carpet has imposed itself as a reference in the field of decoration and inside living rooms all over the world and even Moroccans. Indeed, this moroccan rug has been able to adapt to the desires of consumers. It comes in different models and the designers have been able to bring a modern touch to this tradition. Thus, one can find round, square, patterned, long and short pile rugs etc...

The big chains of decoration stores are also there. You can find berber rugs in department stores but also on online sales sites. Moreover, these mats are increasingly demanded by consumers. As a result, you can find models at all prices, from simple to double. But that's not necessarily good news. These manufacturers are slowly killing a know-how unique in the world and accustoming consumers to prices that are impossible to practice in order to have a carpet that is truly authentic And traditional . SO how to recognize a Berber wool rug?

THE moroccan rugs have really managed to establish themselves inside European homes. All rooms can receive one to obtain a unique decoration.

Several types of colorful Berber carpets

Several colorful Berber rugs

There are different Moroccan Berber rugs : patterned, long and short pile. Shag rugs are the best known and most widespread. Then, we find we find geometric and round patterns. The number of colors is also different depending on the tribe that makes it. To get a authentic carpet , you have to buy the carpet in its region of origin.

We can remember three of the largest carpets: the Beni Ourain carpets , the Azilal rugs , the Kilim carpet . These Berber carpets are decorated with geometric or abstract patterns ( floral decorations, animals, etc. ) Their dominant color is red. The patterns can be blue, yellow, green or even orange. These rugs are highly appreciated by lovers of Berber rugs. .

Our moroccan rugs go very well in several rooms: living room or dining room and can bring a new warmth to your interior.


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